Be the person your dog thinks you are

Cheers to 2016 and becoming who Dora thinks I am. 

Such a little suck.

Such a little suck.

Dora's my one-year-old Border Collie / Labrador / Shepherd / Whippet mix-of-a little monkey, baby, love-dog. That's what we all call our dog children, right? She's a complete handful - she consumes a book a week off the shelf (literal consumption, she can't actually read... yet), runs around like a maniac, and just has to jump on every human, dog, squirrel, and trash can she can find. She claims she's just "HALPING". Regardless, I love that little doofus with all of my heart and in return she thinks I'm just the fucking best. 

So, I pledge to be more like her:

1.) I want to consume one book each week. Less literal, more figurative. Follow my journey on Instagram as I read my #HeightinBooks.

2.) I want to run around like a maniac. I'm already signed up and committed to two races this year - one 10k and one half-marathon. Let's get crazy.

3.) I want to HALP more humans, dogs, squirrels, and trash cans. I want to volunteer at the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre more, start a dog-walking business on the side, and keep a strong focus on making sure our Earth is in good shape (keep more squirrels alive and use less trash cans). Yeah, that last one might have been a stretch, but work with me here. I'm still hungover.

4.) I also want to cook so many things and blog about it here. I couldn't quite get that one to fit in with being more like Dora, but if you can think of a way, hit me up.

If you care about any of those things, or about me, or about Dora (who's cute as hell and will be featured all over this site) then follow along. Cheers to 2016 being a sweet one!