was inspired from

varied experiences I've had over the last few years. Four years working at (scrappy startup turned "America's largest bookkeeping service for small businesses") taught me invaluable lessons about people, hiring, teaching, and the need for responsive organizations. After enough years of being around incredibly talented humans building websites, I decided to build one of my own.


My formal background is in accounting (I know, right). It made good money, but was pretty detrimental to my overall happiness. I quickly found my way into the people & talent realm and haven't turned back since. When I was first hired at Bench, the entire company was six people. When I left they were 250 and growing. Needless to say, I learned a hell of a lot about human systems and how they grow, break, and need to be nurtured.

Looking to break out of the tech company echo-chamber, I transplanted myself into the games industry and spent the majority of the last year coaching and advising the dope team of managers over at Relic Entertainment


I spend most hours making GIFs out of Dora, my three-year-old border collie. Otherwise I'm probably reading/scribbling incomprehensible notes into a physical paperback book about human psychology, technology, or consciousness. Or I'm eating something... like, anything, but probably Kintaro's spicy garlic ramen.